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January 2nd- WHS Coaches Clinic

We are excited to announce a second coaches clinic with the varsity staff from WHS.  This clinic will be for 5th-8th graders, and will be FREE.  The clinic will run from 2:30-4:00PM at Skillings Turf.

  • What you will need:  Everyone needs a stick, helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, cleats and cup (full pads).
  • Also, everyone must be a member of US Lacrosse for insurance reasons.
  • Phil Reuland (Head Coach of the WHS varsity team), with coaching help from Tommy Carr and other staff coaches, will be running the show.
  • This is a great opportunity for the boys to get coached up from our top guys, while having some fun.
  • We are not expecting to restrict numbers because Skillings is large enough to create smaller groups throughout the turf field.
  • It will be COLD - so bundle up.
  • We need everyone to "register" so we have a headcount, and so everyone reads and acknowledges our COVID rules and waiver.
  • RE: Covid, you know the drill.  Masks or shields are required - no exceptions.  If your son has a shield, he MUST wear a mast until he has a helmet on.  No shared water.  Kids must get suited up in or next to their car.  Spectators are OK, just stay away from each other.

Winchester Youth Lax



WYL - First Class Online Lax Training Program (2020-2021)


Winchester Youth Lax is thrilled to have signed up with First Class Lacrosse to provide a COVID-proof online training program for our players.  

First Class Lacrosse was founded by Deemer Class, one of the top midfielders in the Premier Lacrosse League (https://premierlacrosseleague.com/player/deemer-class/).  

Our program will be lead by Deemer Class and Jules Heningburg  (https://premierlacrosseleague.com/player/jules-heningburg/) with help from other local and national coaches and players.  

Here are the details and reasons why we chose to offer an online program this Winter and Spring:

  1. WHY ONLINE TRAINING?  Because Covid sucks.  We have every intention of starting a Winter Ball program as soon as we can get into the Community Park indoor facility - but the opening day at the facility is now looking like February.  This program has drills that can be done solo, in a small group or with a buddy (safely).  These are unprecedented times so we decided we needed to be creative.  The program is Covid-proof.
  2. WHY FIRST CLASS?  There are several online training programs.  Based on our research, 1st Class offers the most polished program that us accessible to our players from 2nd grade to 8th grade.  https://1stclasslax.com/https://1stclasslax.com/fcl-online-training-2/.
  3. COST? $50 per kid for a program starting December 14th-July 1st.  Other programs are much more expensive for a comperable or lesser product.  Price was a key factor in our choosing 1st Class.  We did not want any player to not sign up because of cost.  Also, since we live in the North Pole, we wanted to make sure people would not stress about losing a few weeks because of snow or ice outside.  This program runs through July, so it will allow for our players to get additional work in even after our Spring season kicks off.
  4. DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS?  Of course not.  Our goal is to offer something to our players that is accessible and cheap.  Kids that live in the rink, or head north for the Winter (don't tell Judy Evans), or have other commitments can still sign up, improve and be better prepared for Spring Ball.  But we do not have any expectations that all of you sign-up.  We know there is a lot of zoom/vidoe fatigue out there, but we hope these videos actually get the kids OUT OF THE HOUSE.
  5. HOW WILL IT WORK?  Each participant will get a passwork into our designated page at 1st Class/My Position.  On that site there will be weekly videos posted for all of our players focusing on an array of skills and fundamentals.  Our site will allow for videos and questions to be sent to program coaches for feedback and pointers.  Each month we will circulate our engagement stats from the site's dashboard.  Each "week" will start on Mondays.

Registration will be simple.  You will pay WYL $50 and receive login information, which will allow you to create an account and get the videos and content.  Everything is fully mobile and accessible on phones.  

If you sign up, I encourage you to give me feedback.  We have control over our content.  The more we hear from you the better!  Registration will open tomorrow.

See our IG feed (@sachems_youth_lax) for a short message from Deemer Class.  

Cheers and Happy Friday,


Winchester Youth Lacrosse




Base Cost: $50.00

Opened: 12/12/2020
Closes: 03/01/2021

Open to: Residents of: 01890

In Grades: 2 to 8 for 2020-21 School year

12 registrations