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1.      Field size should be approximately 30-35 yds wide and Preferably (35) 65-75 yds long Preferably (70). Going “cross field” on a full field using the end line and the restraining line as side lines.

2.      Some kind of temporary crease should be in place with the goal line approximately 7-10 yds from the end line. If you are using a smaller length field than 70 yards…put the goal line back to 7 yards from end line or the midfield will be too short

3.      Player configuration will be 2-2-2 plus a goalie

4.      Some combination of (3) players must stay on side in the defensive end (ie. 2 defenders and a goalie). 

5.      Players should rotate in two at a time at defense with players who are playing defense moving to midfield, players who are playing midfield moving to attack, and the attack rotating out.

6.      Rotation should happen every 2 to 4 minutes on a horn. Rotations need to be quick! Be prepared.

7.      It is recommended that games be two 18 minute halves (running time) with a 4 minute half time.

8.      There should be one coach/ref on each half of the field during play and at least one coach on each sideline to manage player rotation

9.      The on-field coach/referees can be high school players if they are properly supervised.

10. Face Offs: defense and attackmen will have feet on goal line during face-offs until possession is gained.

11. Face Offs: wing men will line up on opposite of sides of field and to their teammates “rake” side. This encourages good face offs and reduces ground ball scrums at midfield.

12. When one team goes up by 5 goals, ball will be awarded to the opposing team.


High School Federation Rules except for the following;

·         Game length: two 25 minute running halves with a 5 minute half time

·         No timeouts

·         Sub on the fly only – no horns

·         Goalie count up to 8th grade

·         All counts in affect for 7th & 8th grade

·         All penalties 1 minute

·         No zone defenses

·         No long poles allowed below 7th grade