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 “Sachem All Star Program

In order to accomplish our goal of developing home-grown high school caliber lacrosse talent, Winchester Lacrosse is pleased to announce our Fall campaign - "Sachems All Star" Program.  

The All Star Program will consist of 2 skills practice per week during the week at Ambrose School.

We do not want those lax sticks to see your attic.  We want our boys to be playing lax at least once a week during the so-called “off season”.



The WYL “House League” [K, 1st Grade, & 2nd Grade]

** WYL provides all first year players with the opportunity to borrower WYL-owned equipment for your son’s initial season.  WYL will provide helmet, gloves, elow pads and shoulder pads for no additional cost.  All equipment must be returned at the end of the House League season.   

  • House League players are divided into three, grade-based divisions: a K Division, a 1st Grade Division & a 2nd Grade Division.
  • Within each grade, evenly weighted teams of are established.
  • Grades practice together as an entire grade (so-called “gang practices”), with common instruction across the Grade.
  • Players will be periodically separated based on skill level to allow for newer players to develop basic skills, while allowing more experienced players to advance their skill and game skills.
  • Each Grade will practice for 1 hour per school weed (Mon-Fri), with an additional skills practice (K-2) held on Saturdays.  All practices and games are in Winchester.
  • Practice days & time TBD.  Skill session time TBD.
  • Game day is on Sunday early AM through late afternoon.  Games will be held on the Middle School turf as often as possible.
  • Scores are kept for games, but the emphasis is on teamwork, fair play and fun.  The goal is that all players enjoy “game day”.

3rd & 4th Grades - Town Pride League, Small Ball Division

  • Participate in the Town Pride League (http://tpllax.com/).
  • Season starts around April 1st.  Practice start earlier if weather permits.
  • Smaller field (sideline to sideline), playing 6 on 6 with each team having a goalie (so 7 on 7).
  • Players are divided into two or three, level-loaded teams.  TPL requires that game-day teams are evenly constructed.
  • Two practices per week.  Players will all practice together, rotating through separate coaching stations.  Players will be informally graded so that we can (a) comply with the TPL rules and create even teams, and (b) periodically group the boys by skill level to allow beginners to hone basic skills, and allow more experienced players to advance.
  • TPL games on Sundays (make up games may be on Saturdays).

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade - Town Pride League, Full Field Division

  • Season starts around April 1st.  Practice start earlier if weather permits.
  • Participate in the Town Pride League (http://tpllax.com/).
  • Players are divided into two teams.
  • One team will play in the TPL - A Division and one team will play in the TPL - B Division.
  • Players are placed on either the A Team** or the B Team based on the following: coaches evaluations, 3rd party evaluations, & demonstrated commitment to the sport of lacrosse.
  • Practice 3x's per week.
  • TPL games on Sundays.
  • Possibility of added games on other days.
  • Participate in the Border Battle which is held on June 3rd & 4th in Darien, CT.
  • Participate in the TPL Tournament.​

**The rosters for the A Teams are built through selective tryouts.  Participation on the A Teams come with the following expectations:

  1. Attend all practices and games, prioritizing lacrosse as their primary sport during the spring season.
  2. Players are expected to arrive at all practices and games on time and stay for the duration.
  3. Proper attitude and effort is expected.

​***After placements, WYL reserves the right to reassign a player to the A or B Team at the coaches discretion.  Potential reasons for assignment are, but not limited to, performance, attitude, attendance, effort.