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Starting in Mid-June each year, and again in early Fall, the youth lacrosse world is focused on the many youth tournaments being played all over the country.  If your son plays on a Club lacrosse team you know that the Summer and Fall tournaments are the peak of their season.  In the past, starting in 3rd grade, parents and coaches from Winchester have independently decided to throw together teams to play in a couple of these Summer and Fall tournaments.  How those teams have been constructed has never been according to any policy or strategy by WYL, mainly because the tournaments are "off-season" and not part of your Spring enrollment.  Our Board is aware, however, of the annual dynamic of the AGC (or coaches) trying to quietly organize a competitive team without upsetting parents and players.  Our hope is that a more transparent and deliberate process of “selecting” a roster for these tournaments will be beneficial to all age groups.

This email delineates the WYL-approved approach to building a roster this Summer and Fall.

  • There is no guarantee that your age group will participate in a Summer or Fall tournament.  Participation in tourneys requires travel and added costs during busy June and July weekends.  WYL may help with tournament fees, but all other expenses are paid by the parents.  Age group coordinators and/or interested parents may not have the time, or may not be able to put together a team (due to kids having Club commitments or vacations scheduled).
  • WYL does not pay for coaches for Summer tournaments.
  • Many of our top players also play on a Club team, so those players may opt to play for their Club over a Winchester team.  We do stress “Town over Club”, but that is during the TPL season. 
  • 5th (Spring)-8th grade teams: 
    • AGC's (or the motivated parent that is going to handle the coaching) will start by asking the players from this Spring’s A-Team, then add B-Team players based on their commitment during the season (and, obviously, their availability). 
  • 3rd 5th (Fall) Grade: 
    • One of the programmatic benefits of youth lacrosse is that no teams in the TPL have tryouts until the Spring of 5th grade, so our boys have time to develop their skills without the pressure of "A" and "B" teams.  When it comes time to form a tournament team for 3rd, 4th and the Fall of 5th grade, there are only informal player rankings.
    • Over the next couple weeks, the applicable AGC, as well as a couple members of our Board, will identify 20 players for each grade that should be "asked first".
    • Tournaments are all played on a full field, so 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teams must practice to learn the rules, positions and plays (clears/man up/ man down/etc).  Accordingly, sons of anyone volunteering their time to run preparation practices, attend the tournament and coach in games will have a spot on any tournament roster.
    • Summer tournaments are mostly made up of Club lacrosse teams or “select” teams and are very talented.  Accordingly, Winchester teams will “play to win”.  Playing time will vary based on talent.
  • Effect on Placements – Placement on a Summer tournament roster will have zero effect on “A” and “B” team placements. Placements will continue to take place in the late Winter, and without parent evaluators. 
  • In-Season Tournaments – Any tournament that your age group participates in during the season will be open to the entire age group.

For Summer and Fall tournaments, we will use the same roster building criteria as described above.

WYL hopes that this adds some transparency to the Summer and Fall tournament process.  For our younger boys, there is no better place to “see what you’re made of” than these events.