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  • Our program provides boys, K-8, with an inclusive lacrosse program that is capable of supplying the home-grown varsity-ready lacrosse players to the High School program.  
  • We aim to create, support and maintain a noticeable lacrosse community within Winchester.  WYL strives to promote teamwork and personal growth in our kids at all Grade and skill levels. We will work to educate our kids on how to treat each other with respect and play the game the right way.  We will organize social events, informal scrimmages and attendance at Winchester HS games (and other lacrosse events) that bring kids together across all Grade levels.
  • K-5th Grade years will be focused on developing skilled and confident players, while stressing program-wide goals targeting teamwork, sportsmanship and having fun. 
    • House League (K-2) is focused on introductory skill development;
    • 3rd grade is a transition year from House League to inter-town play and small ball format; and
    • Goal for 4th and 5th grade teams will be to prepare players to be ready to compete at a high level against Town Pride League (“TPL”) competition.
  • Our program strives to produce 6th Grade players capable of playing in “Division 1” of the TPL during the 6th Grade year.  The 6-8th Grade years of the WYL program aims to maintain Division 1 status within the TPL. 
  • WYL treats all players as if they will attend Winchester High School - even if they do not currently attend Winchester Public Schools or have no plans of ever doing so.
  • WYL is a K-8th Grade program, but will always support our friends in the WHS program (9th – 12th Grades) during their off-season.  
  • WYL will work closely with the High School coaches to develop our player-development program and to help train our coaches (both parents and paid coaches).