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WYL Parents - Our brand new lacrosse wall is open for business at...
Spring Season 2019 Season begins the week of April 1st for...
Youth Sports Myths DEBUNKED!
As the season approaches, the Winchester Youth Lacrosse wanted to...

WYL Parents - Our brand new lacrosse wall is open for business at Skillings Field, adjacent to the grass field.  Below are some drills for your player.

DRILLS: (Beginners 30 reps with each hand)

  1. 1 hand: catch and 1cradle
  2. 2 hands: catch and 1 cradle
  3. 2 hands: quick stick
  4. 2 hands: split drill -catch righty, switch and throw lefty/ catch lefty switch and throw righty
  5. 2 hands: catch, face dodge, and throw
  6. 2 hands: catch, fake, and throw

You must be at 50 reps with each hand before passing this point.

  1. 2 hands: cross handed
  2. 2 hands: behind the back
  3. 2 hands: running along the wall throwing and catching.
  4. Be creative: if you get to this stage, you have earned the right to!

Remember the above must be performed in the correct manner, that is: stick in the box, overhand motion, wrist snap. If your form is sloppy, such as letting the stick hang down off the shoulder, you will be slinging the ball and thus wasting your time. CORRECT FORM MUST BE ADHERED TO, OR YOUR EFFORTS WILL BE WASTED.


Stand about ten feet from a wall

50 repetitions with right hand (Throw and catch)

50 repetition with left hand (Throw and catch)

25 repetitions -Throw left catch right

25 repetitions -Throw right catch left 

Stand about 5 feet from the wall for the one-handers*

50 repetitions -One hand right handed

50 repetitions -One hand left handed

50 repetitions -2 hand quicksticks right hand

50 repetitions -2 hand quicksticks left hand

*Better for later in the drill as fatigue sets in


50 repetitions -Behind the back right handed

50 repetitions -Behind the back left handed

50 repetitions -Left hand sidearm

50 repetitions -Right hand sidearm

Keep doing wall drills, and it won't take long before you notice a big difference.



by posted 10/29/2019

Spring Season 2019

Season begins the week of April 1st for all grades (K-8)



  • House League:
    • Kindergarten and 1st Grade will practice at 5:30 on Fridays at Skillings Field (grass)
    • 2nd Grade will practice at 5:30 on Tuesdays at Skillings Field (grass)
    • Practices will usually be weather dependant.  But if we can move to the turf and the weather is OK, we will practice with some weather.
    • Games are on Sundays, commencing on April 28th and will be approximately 1-hour small ball games (sideline to sideline).
      • ​9AM - 2nd grade games
      • 10AM - 1st grade games
      • 11AM - Kindergarten games
    • Practices and games will run until June 2nd (or 1 additional week/end if we experience a lot of rainouts).
  • Small Ball (3rd and 4th Grade)
    • ​Both grades will practice together this year - Monday and Friday at 6:30PM.  We may start and end earlier (6ish) during the month of April.  All practices will be at Skillings and we will rotate onto the turf as much as possible.
    • Practices will usually be weather dependant.  But if we can move to the turf and the weather is OK, we will practice with some weather
    • Games are against TPL towns, but we only play Concord/Carlisle, Acton/Boxboro, Lincoln/Sudbury and Andover (so the travel is easy).
    • Games will be on Sundays.  Schedule coming soon.
  • Full Field TPL Grades (5th-8th Grade)
    • ​Consult our face-page for practice times and location.  Also, please contact your Head Coaches for any questions on practices.
    • Practices will usually be weather dependant.  But your HC will run practices if they can find some turf that remains open during the rain.
    • Each grade will have an A and B Team.  HC's will maintain your grade's roster, and has the discretion to move players up and down as the season progresses.
    • Games are against TPL towns.
    • Games will be on Sundays.  Schedule coming soon.


During the following Saturdays, we will run (1) drop-in scrimmages (all are welcome), and (2) skills clinics (shooting; goalies; faceoffs) - Sessions will be from 2:00-3:30 on Skillings Field (probably - may be moved to Manchester).  Skills clinics will be run by some of the top area coaches.  Scimmages will be run by program volunteers and players from our HS team.


Basic Equipment:  Helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves.  If you're son is just getting started, but is not borrowing equipment, the equipment sets get you everything you need.  One example - https://www.lax.com/lacrosse-equipment/youth-lacrosse-equipment-sets.

Sticks:  Everyone needs their own stick - even players that are borrowing WYL gear.  For 4th grade and under, all sticks may be cut to 38 inches (from the top of the head to base of the shaft).  Starting in 5th, sticks must be 40 inches top to bottom.  We will have stick doctors helping fix sticks on Saturdays.

Safety Equipment:  Mouth piece and cup.

What Else?  Cleats (soccer cleats are fine), and an underlayer for April when it can still be cold.  Sweats and hoodies work but can be bulky.  Long underwear, leggings, or hockey base-layers work well.  Whatever keeps the kids from being freezing.


by Master Admin posted 02/08/2019
Youth Sports Myths DEBUNKED!

As the season approaches, the Winchester Youth Lacrosse wanted to DEBUNK four myths:


Myth 1:  If your son has not started playing lacrosse by 1st or 2nd grade, then it is too late for him to play.

Facts:  Putting aside how silly that statement is on its face, the reality is that kids start playing at all ages.  Kids play for a variety of reasons.  They enjoy the physical activity required of lacrosse.  Unlike some other sports, lacrosse is a sport where kids have to run and can be physical.  They like being with their friends.  They like being part of a team.  No young child (or parent) should think they cannot play because some other kids know how to throw and catch better than them.  This is not hockey where you need to learn how to skate.  Every boy knows how to run.  Kids can learn to throw and catch.  It’s not rocket science. Each of our grades have several top playesrs that started playing lacrosse “late” (in the eyes of people who believe in this myth).


Myth 2:  If you do not play club lacrosse, then it is not worth playing town lacrosse.

Facts:  Put simply, why?  Is a kid really worried about making the high school team or playing in college when he is a 10-year old?  Of course not.  Kids play because they enjoy the game and want to be with their friends.  Play club, don’t play club.  It’s all the same as far as WYL is concerned.  We have a great program for kids of all ages and abilities.  Learn the game, get exercise, play with actual friends and neighbors.  You can play Winchester town lax without playing club and still have a great time and develop to your full ability.  Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.


Myth 3:  If my son only makes the “B” team in 5th grade, he will never make the “A” team while he plays youth lacrosse. 

Facts:  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Kids develop skills at all different ages, as well as mature physically at different ages.  We generally have plenty of players per season move up and down from “A” to “B” teams based on availability and personal improvement.  It’s pretty fluid, based on development, and none of our “A” teams are locked in team rosters from G5 through G8.


Myth 4:  Your son needs to specialize in a single sport.

Facts:  Study after study shows that specialization at a young age leads to overuse injuries and impedes development. You’ve seen the stories and yet people continue to gravitate toward an approach that pigeonholes their son.  Heaven forbid they stop enjoying that one sport in middle school!  Let kids be kids.  Play multiple sports.  Take a season off.  Develop different skills and have fun. 





by Master Admin posted 02/01/2019